Case Studies

Walsall Healthcare The Manor Hospital

Improving the quality of person-centred care as a means of reducing agitation. Improving stimulation through purposeful and meaningful activity and engagement. The Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, previously known as Walsall Hospital NHS Trust, was formed in April 2001. It runs Walsall Manor Hospital and provides community services in Walsall

Sheffield Health & Social Care Grenoside Grange

G1 is an acute mental health ward providing assessment and treatment for people who have dementia but also have significant and complex needs. This is the only such ward in Sheffield. There are people here that just need something to do and have purposeful stimulation. Otherwise they tend to just sit in a corner sleeping.

Somerset Partnership Stratfield Day Centre & Wellington Community Hospital

Severe and complex Mental Health problems. Marked behavioural difficulties as a consequence of Metal Health problems. Complex Family/Carer situations requiring specialist intervention.

Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (MOHOST Study)

Hearing a person’s life story can be a powerful tool to help understand the individual and their experiences. It also helps with their memory, which is relevant for our service users. Our MHSOP service has taken on this work of capturing life stories of the service users.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Royal Gwent Hospital

Whilst this is a 30 bed Cardiology Ward, not all patients are singly diagnosed with cardiac problems. On our ward we have patients with end stage Huntington’s- Chorea and also patients with Schizophrenia as well as other complex conditions It can be challenging to find useful techniques in dealing with these patients.

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Colchester General Hospital

Care of the Elderly is provided at Colchester General Hospital, Cognitive impairment does not only exist on elderly medicine wards and quite often, long stay care of the elderly is found on our Orthopaedic Wards as well as others. We were witnessing episodes of social isolation and poor communication on Fordham Ward and felt that […]

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHSFT

Treating the elderly in hospital can be quite a frightening experience for them and one that can cause extreme agitation. When the person that is presenting, is one that has a potentially life threatening condition, it is even more difficult, as time is of the essence. One such situation occurred when a lady was admitted […]

South Tyneside NHSFT South Tyneside District Hospital

To provide stimulation to patients as a way of calming and reducing anxiety and agitation as well as freeing up valuable nursing resource in 1:1 Nursing Care.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHSFT

The opportunity to offer meaningful activities as a way of stimulating patients is contributing towards a reduction in falls.

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