Case Studies - Reduced LOS

East Lothian Community Hospital

Staff describe how RITA is used to dramatically reduce agitation, confusion and distressed behaviours, ultimately resulting in a reduction in safeguarding incidents & use of PRN medication.

RITA reduces incidents of self-harm, social isolation and thoughts of wanting to die at Victoria Court

This case study has been produced just one month in to using RITA and the outcomes documented below demonstrate quite clearly that appropriate distraction and meaningful activity has a remarkable impact.

Coach House Care Home digitally enhances quality of life and wellbeing with RITA

RITA has already contributed to a reduction in falls, safeguarding incidents, increases in nutrition and hydration rates and improved overall quality of life and wellbeing of residents and staff.

RITA enhances social inclusion at Muirfield Nursing Home

When RITA was in use the overall atmosphere in the lounge was cheerful, it had encouraged and created opportunities for residents to have positive interactions with staff and with each other.

Kingsmill Hospital reduce LoS and eliminate chemical restraint using RITA

The benefits supported by RITA for this patient has included a shorter length of stay in hospital, chemical restraint has not been used as the patient has been less agitated during this admission and has aided a patient centred approach to nursing care.

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHSFT

Treating the elderly in hospital can be quite a frightening experience for them and one that can cause extreme agitation. When the person that is presenting, is one that has a potentially life threatening condition, it is even more difficult, as time is of the essence. One such situation occurred when a lady was admitted […]

Royal Berkshire NHSFT

Committed to improving care for patient’s living with dementia ‘Right from the ED front door’! Admissions into ED can be a very frightening experience for people with cognitive impairment, they can become distressed and confused with the unfamiliar surroundings, causing further anxiety despite nursing staff’s repeated verbal reinforcements and it can often make diagnosis difficult.