Case Studies

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust Victoria Centre Hodson and Liddington Ward

A new digital software package that is changing life on the wards for service users and staff alike!

Dorset Healthcare University NHSFT – Westhaven Hospital

The Radipole Ward is a 34-bedded ward, caring predominantly for elderly people requiring rehabilitation, palliative care, stroke and dementia care.

Royal Berkshire NHSFT

Committed to improving care for patient’s living with dementia ‘Right from the ED front door’! Admissions into ED can be a very frightening experience for people with cognitive impairment, they can become distressed and confused with the unfamiliar surroundings, causing further anxiety despite nursing staff’s repeated verbal reinforcements and it can often make diagnosis difficult.

NHS Fife

NHS Fife are always looking to minimise the use of medication, and were keen to try My Improvement Network as a new and innovative way to engage with patients.

Sussex Community NHS Trust Midhurst Community Hospital

Our Philosophy is to improve the care and services offered to those individuals dealing with dementia, along with their loved ones. Just playing music alone in a Day Room on a radio, may for some just be noise, or the interruptions on what is heard inappropriate. This does not provide the daily stimulation that is […]

NHS Wales Ysbty Glan Clywyd Hospital

suffering with dementia, delirium, confusion and memory problems. Their objective is to develop a better environment for patients whilst improving dementia care within the hospital setting. The focus for the majority of Trusts in the UK is to become a more dementia friendly Hospital.

Southern Health NHSFT Warwick Hospital

Quite often we find that our patients are dis-engaged and not always present in the room at that time and they need stimulating and have the opportunity to engage in meaningful activity.

Marie Curie

Embracing technology to reach out to those with terminal illness, allowing them to contribute in a positive way to those valuable memories for present and future and to powerfully bring families together in building relationships that families often find difficult at these troubled times.

Cumbria Partnership NHSFT Millom Community Hospital

We have patients suffering from Motor Neurone Chorea, CVA as well as many other disabilities. None Verbal communication can have the effect of the individual feeling isolated and un-stimulated. It was important for us at Millom that we addressed these issues through meaningful activities and group interaction.

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