Case Studies - Stimulation

Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Falls Prevention Project

In August 2020 Ward G6 at Addenbrooke's Hospital initiated a falls prevention project in which RITA was applied as a tool to support the initiative. On average ward G6 had been experiencing 5 falls a month in the months leading up to August which was the month in which RITA was deployed on the ward. The result of applying RITA in this setting saw a 60% reduction in falls in the month of August.

Llys Cadfan Care Home digitally enhances quality of life & wellbeing

Llys Cadfan is a care home owned by Gwynedd Council in North Wales. It caters for older people, in particular people living with dementia. They accommodate 28 residents who may require long stay, short stay, respite or day care.

Improving care at Royal Stoke & County hospitals

Staff working at University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) are now able to better interact with elderly patients thanks to a new digital bedside therapy system that has been introduced to wards at the Royal Stoke University and County hospitals, generously funded by the UHNM Charity.

Pennine Acute Hospitals

Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Foundation Trust recently purchased 7 of the technology packages from My Improvement Network as a means of improving the overall patient experience throughout their network of hospitals covering 4 locations.

Imperial College Hospital – Ellis Valentine Ward

The Challenge Delirium is a state of mental confusion that can occur as a result of illness, surgery or with the use of some medications. Also called “acute confusional state,” delirium usually starts suddenly and can be frightening for the person experiencing it, as well as for those around them. Having a means of being […]

Dorset Healthcare University NHSFT – Westhaven Hospital

The Radipole Ward is a 34-bedded ward, caring predominantly for elderly people requiring rehabilitation, palliative care, stroke and dementia care.

Sussex Community NHS Trust Midhurst Community Hospital

Our Philosophy is to improve the care and services offered to those individuals dealing with dementia, along with their loved ones. Just playing music alone in a Day Room on a radio, may for some just be noise, or the interruptions on what is heard inappropriate. This does not provide the daily stimulation that is […]

NHS Wales Ysbty Glan Clywyd Hospital

suffering with dementia, delirium, confusion and memory problems. Their objective is to develop a better environment for patients whilst improving dementia care within the hospital setting. The focus for the majority of Trusts in the UK is to become a more dementia friendly Hospital.

Southern Health NHSFT Warwick Hospital

Quite often we find that our patients are dis-engaged and not always present in the room at that time and they need stimulating and have the opportunity to engage in meaningful activity.