Case Studies - Improved Patient Experience

Northern Ireland

RITA was introduced to Northern Ireland in 2021 with the number of the devices growing to 50+ in 2022 and numbers likely to grow significantly.

Kent Community Health NHS FT

Staff at Kent Community Health document the critical role RITA plays in supporting staff and patients alike, both clinically and environmentally. ‘The powerful affect and impact RITA has allows the patient to engage, interact and feel valued, RITA is like another member of staff on the Ward, part of the Sevenoaks Family’ Grahame Hardy – Specialist Nurse for Dementia

Gloucestershire Health and Care

“I used the RITA in the day room with 3 other male patients, two of which had a recent diagnosis of dementia. Together they played the Coconut shy game and got quite competitive with the scoring. I observed that each patient participated well to help with their hand-eye co-ordination, they really enjoyed the game which was after lunch club. I encourage patients to socialise together and improve their nutrition.” “A special moment is when you see the patients face ‘light up’ and they were smiling again off"

Orchard House Nursing Home Wolverhampton

RITA is used for both group and individual sessions. We have some residents who enjoy using it by themselves.

East Lothian Community Hospital

Staff describe how RITA is used to dramatically reduce agitation, confusion and distressed behaviours, ultimately resulting in a reduction in safeguarding incidents & use of PRN medication.

RITA in Sunderland

Throughout this case study you will read feedback from managers, across multiple sites in Sunderland. They share their experience using RITA & how it benefits each of their care homes & service users in their own unique way.

RITA at Grindon Lane – Short Break Service - Sunderland

Grindon Short Break Service provides care and support for up to ten people who have a disability. RITA has been instrumental for when a new service user arrives at our site. We use RITA to assist with settling-in techniques and to help create a safe and engaging space for them. When a service user feels safe and relaxed, this same feeling then spills over to the family and makes them feel reassured.

Darnall Grange Nursing Home Sheffield

Darnall Grange is a 60 bed nursing dementia home and sits in the heart of the Darnall, Sheffield. The introduction of RITA has been instrumental to the continued delivery of care and safe well-being of our residents.

Goldthorn Lodge Care Home Wolverhampton

Goldthorn Lodge is a small nursing home situated in Wolverhampton, with a capacity of twelve, housing adults of all ages including those with learning disabilities. Additionally, the nursing home supports people with mental health conditions. RITA enhances wellbeing and promotes social inclusion at Goldthorn Lodge Care Home