Case Studies

Northern Ireland

RITA was introduced to Northern Ireland in 2021 with the number of the devices growing to 50+ in 2022 and numbers likely to grow significantly.

Solihull Council

In July 2021 Solihull Council invested in RITA for six of their care homes as an initial pilot to support a case for a wider roll out. The introduction of RITA has been warmly welcomed by all of the care homes and the outcomes reported have been very positive.

Bedford Borough Council

In December 2021 Bedford Borough Council generously invested in RITA for 6 council owned care homes. These 6 care homes were chosen to act as a pilot exercise and if successful the council will consider a much wider roll out ....

Staffordshire County Council

In June 2021 Staffordshire County Council generously invested in RITA for 36 of its care homes. “We have seen an improvement with residents engaging in group work activities. Some residents who would normally not take part in group activities are now joining in and participating" Read more about the project here....

Sheffield CCG

In March 2021 Sheffield CCG generously invested in RITA for over 14 of its care homes. “RITA is absolutely amazing! I wish I had 5! Honestly, I’m so grateful for it, it will definitely be one of the best things for people in care homes." Read more here......

City of Wolverhampton Council

In March 2021 City of Wolverhampton Council (part funded by Wolverhampton CCG) generously invested in RITA for over 70 of its care homes. To date we have received amazing feedback and the outcomes being achieved match those being achieved elsewhere throughout the UK.  Read more about the project here, including many individual case studies and a video.....

Sunderland City Council

In March 2021 Sunderland City Council generously invested in RITA for 18 of its LD care homes. RITA has now been rolled out to 22 LD homes and 10 older persons care homes. The feedback has been tremendous. Read more about the project here....

Wrexham Borough County Council

In March 2021 Wrexham Council generously invested in RITA for 20 of its care homes. Outcomes being reported include reductions in challenging behaviour, increased socialisation, reduced falls, reduced hospital admissions.......

Kent Community Health NHS FT

Staff at Kent Community Health document the critical role RITA plays in supporting staff and patients alike, both clinically and environmentally. ‘The powerful affect and impact RITA has allows the patient to engage, interact and feel valued, RITA is like another member of staff on the Ward, part of the Sevenoaks Family’ Grahame Hardy – Specialist Nurse for Dementia

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