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Sevenoaks Community Hospital offers Rehabilitation to patients transferred from the Acute Hospital for further Treatment and rehabilitation, prior to returning home. There are also patients living with Dementia and cognitive impairments. The Multi-disciplinary Team consists of Medical staff, Nursing and Therapy staff, integrated with a new Stroke pathway introduced this year by staff from our local NHS Trust, working together in partnership. There are 3 Dementia Link Workers to promote awareness, Training and support to patients living with Dementia and their families’ completing audits, questionnaires and spending quality time engaging with patients. Currently in the Trust, the Mandatory Training Compliance for Dementia Training Tier 1 is at 99% (results from the Dementia Steering Group – September 2021) The philosophy of using RITA is embedded in the care system, using the large RITA for Groups and small RITA’s for individual therapy on a one-to-one or patients who remain in their beds, RITA is definitely seen as being part of the Team and family there.

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Staff at Kent Community Health document the critical role RITA plays in supporting staff and patients alike, both clinically and environmentally. ‘The powerful affect and impact RITA has allows the patient to engage, interact and feel valued, RITA is like another member of staff on the Ward, part of the Sevenoaks Family’ Grahame Hardy – Specialist Nurse for Dementia
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