22 UK Commissioners have now invested in RITA for their care homes & many more to come! Find out why


The continued successes achieved by commissioners (CCG's, HB's & Local Authorities) across the UK has led to many more choosing to invest in RITA for their care homes. 22 Commissioners have already invested and are reporting significant outcomes. These include:

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Driving Innovation in Palliative Care at North Tyneside Day Hospice


We have recently received some amazing feedback from our Palliative Care colleagues in North Tyneside who have been maximising their use of RITA at the North Tyneside Day Hospice. Quizzes, games, photos, video clips, music, sensory, painting and even the 'my life passport' features have all been used to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of patients. An unexpected outcome has been that patients have enjoyed using the technology and that it has not been as “frightening” as they had imagined. Many patients have been encouraged to explore technology for themselves.

“It is great to see the flexibility of the Rita system being used to support the residents of North Tyneside across the different care settings”

Ruth Marshall - Clinical Quality Lead Nurse NHS North Tyneside CCG

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White paper concludes that RITA directly contributed to qualitative & quantitative improvements in Care Homes in Dudley & North Tyneside


Introducing Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities

Glenn Martyn Smith - RN (MH), BN (Hons), PostGradDip Nursing

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