22 UK Commissioners have now invested in RITA for their care homes & many more to come! Find out why

11th Mar 2022

The continued successes achieved by commissioners (CCG's, HB's & Local Authorities) across the UK has led to many more choosing to invest in RITA for their care homes. 22 Commissioners have already invested and are reporting significant outcomes. These include:

City of Wolverhampton Council Bedford Borough Council
Staffordshire County Council Bradford Council
North Tyneside CCG Gwynedd Council
Dudley Metropolitan Council Carmarthenshire County Council
Sunderland City Council Ceredigion County Council
Wrexham Borough County Council Pembrokeshire County Council
West Northamptonshire Council Denbighshire County Council
Gloucestershire County Council East Lothian Council
Sheffield CCG West Sussex County Council
Solihull Council Isle of Wight Council
Durham Council North Lincolnshire CCG
The reason for this level of investment and continued engagement with RITA is quite simple. It is all down to the feedback and outcomes being reported time and time again. RITA is an alternative therapeutic intervention that can be used to dramatically enhance the environment of care facilities and the wellbeing of patients, residents and staff alike. The Bi-Product outcome of embedding RITA in to day to day routines is quite remarkable. 

We have recently updated our case study page on the website to include case studies covering implementations following investments by commissioners. This includes individual case studies from care homes, and in some cases videos from commissioners summarising what has been achieved.

Click on the image below to view these case studies:

RITA Commissioner case studies