New Bradley Hall Care home offer innovative Skype stations for residents

18th Jan 2021

Thanks to additional investment from Dudley Metropolitan Council, care homes in Dudley are finding innovative ways to allow their residents to contact home using our larger RITA devices. Skype stations have been set up at New Bradley Hall in Kingswinford using our large 24" RITA devices, allowing residents to feel closer to their loved ones. The stories below sum up what a difference this has made!

Michaela Wilson, manager commented: "We have been using the Skype station for calls as it is much easier for the residents to keep in contact with families on the bigger screen. We also maximised its use when an outside company were undertaking satisfaction surveys with all of our residents. Our Rita systems are being used on a daily basis on all three floors."

Naomi Adams​ - Senior Care Assistant explains how much of a difference this has made for residents during COVID:

"Joe moved into New Bradley during the pandemic, his wife Joy was also in a care home and Joe hadn’t been able to see her for a while, Joe spoke to his wife on the phone on a daily basis but as you can imagine for a couple who have spent nearly every day together since their teens, this just wasn’t enough. When my manager came down and explained to Joe that he would soon be able to call his wife and see her at the same time using a skype screen big enough for him to see her perfectly he began crying tears of Joy, he was so thankful and appreciative. The first time Joe got to see his wife on the screen was quite emotional, he was overwhelmed and so was she, they spoke for nearly an hour and were so grateful. Joe had said to me “there is a difference in hearing someone is ok and actually seeing they are ok and for that I thank you”. Since then this has been a regular thing and Joe and his wife speak often on skype, his mood has improved and he is much more positive on a day to day basis, He very much looks forward to these calls."


"Joan has 2 daughters, one of Joans daughters lives local and the other lives in London, Joan was able to see her Daughter who lives local in our visiting room but Annie who lives in London was unable to travel, this impacted Joan and she was getting quite upset and worried, Annie would call Joan on the phone but Joan remained worried, the first time Joan was able to skype call her daughter she was so relieved, she was so happy to be able to see her, she was completely overwhelmed, she now calls every Sunday at 11.00, Joan is able to see Annie perfectly on the screen as its bigger than the ipads, it is also in an area that is quite private and quiet. Joan is now in a routine and looks forward to these calls. Annie is also very grateful that she gets to see her mum as without skype she didn’t have a way to do this."

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