Introducing Interactive Me Technology Reminiscence Therapy

27th Apr 2017

The Silver Birch Fund with the support of their many sponsors and volunteers have been tirelessly fund raising for the past year to purchase this excellent system for our patients. The target looked some way distant, however thanks to the submission of successful business case we are delighted to announce the introduction of this technology supported reminiscence therapy for patients with Dementia here at Darent Valley Hospital.

Today Fiona Hassell from the Improving Dementia Network arrived to train Dementia Buddy volunteers, Occupational therapists and ward staff on Ebony, Linden and Beech wards to use the new Interactive Me technology activity stations. This system is pre-loaded with a wide variety of activities, including relaxation music, BBC archive clips, photos, interactive games, famous speeches etc.  It also has an easily utilised ‘life collage or life story book’ facility, which can be completed with relatives or staff to further personalise care.

Some of the benefits to the patient reported from other hospitals that have the system are: Calms and Stimulates, reduces Isolation through Group activities and more interest around meal times as groups come together – nutritional and hydration. It is also proven to significantly help reduce falls and the need for 1-1 nursing. Angela Brown Dementia Specialist Practitioner said we are so pleased to have this valuable resource to help our patients and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making it possible to have in our Trust