Following the success of RITA in Wrexham, the Council roll out to 13 more care homes with phase 2!

3rd Mar 2022

By the end of March 2022 Wrexham Borough County Council will have rolled out RITA in to 33 of their care homes. This will be the largest roll out of RITA by a Local Authority in Wales, which is testament to the successes being reported across the borough. Here is their story so far:

Phase one:

In March 2021 Wrexham Council generously invested in RITA for 20 of its care homes.

8 x 24 inch mummy RITA's and 16 x 10 inch baby RITA's were distributed to the homes.

Each home attended training and managers were urged to embed the technology in to general day to day routines,

The implementation has been closely monitored by the council and MIN which includes usage monitoring and feedback surveys.

To date we have received amazing feedback and the outcomes being achieved match those being achieved elsewhere throughout the UK.  

Outcomes being reported include reductions in challenging behaviour, increased socialisation, reduced falls, reduced hospital admissions, increases in food and fluid intake and significant enhancements in mental health and stimulation!

Case studies available:

Phase two: 

Due to the successes achieved with the first 20 homes, Wrexham Council decided to roll out RITA to an additional 13 care homes. In this phase, a number of nursing homes have been selected who look after residents who are bed bound. A version of RITA which incorporates a trolley with extendable arm and a slightly larger 13 inch tablet is being deployed in to these homes.

Equipment is being shipped out in March 2022 and we will be reporting feedback and outcomes over the coming months.

Wrexham pendine park image 1

“We are very pleased with outcomes for Residents and Rita has enabled individuals and groups to improve wellbeing. A positive device with positive outcomes for individuals and groups, reducing some risks where applicable and enabling and promoting independence and autonomy which in turn has a positive impact on stimulation, engagement and wellbeing.”

Wrexham pendine park image 3

“This is a very useful piece of equipment with many positive uses”


“This is a fabulous piece of equipment which provides activity for any ability, independency and with support. There is something on the RITA for everyone”