Addenbrooke’s Hospital reduce falls by 60% on Ward G6 with RITA

17th Nov 2020

Ward G6 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital cares for people with a wide variety of medical conditions who require admission to an acute hospital. The ward environment has been specially developed to cater better for people with delirium and dementia.

The recent acquisition of three RITA Reminiscence Interactive Therapy/Activity systems has enabled the ward to reduce falls and reduce 1-1 support. One particular patient benefitted from the person-centred content, as she no longer puts herself on the floor, which had been a regular occurrence.

The ward used RITA for an average of 12 hours per day.

In August 2020 Ward G6 at Addenbrooke's Hospital initiated a falls prevention project in which RITA was applied as a tool to support the initiative. On average ward G6 had been experiencing 5 falls a month in the months leading up to August which was the month in which RITA was deployed on the ward. The result of applying RITA in this setting saw a 60% reduction in falls in the month of August.   

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“People living with dementia may struggle to process what is happening to them whilst in hospital, in a strange environment, especially during Covid-19. Seeing photographs, movies and hearing music that is familiar to them will promote positive feelings and memories. These help patients engage in tasks and be cognitively stimulated as well as diffusing situations and providing a calming place. RITA can enhance care delivered by Healthcare Professionals and improve well-being for all. The staff on G6 have demonstrated the variety of activities RITA offers and how this easy to use tool, can reduce falls, improve 1:1 interaction and sleep cycle and dignity for patients in end of life care.”

Jacqueline Young - Dementia Specialist Nurse