Webinar Success - RITA webinar featuring Dudley MBC & North Tyneside CCG

8th Feb 2021

On Friday, Marie Spittle (Head of Service - Access & Prevention) from Dudley Metropolitan Council and Ruth Marshall (Clinical Quality Lead Nurse) from North Tyneside CCG presented the amazing outcomes achieved following their investment in RITA (Reminiscence and Interactive Therapy Activities) for their Care Homes and the positive impact the technology has had during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 100 delegates booked to attend the webinar, which just goes to show how important this topic is at the moment. Watch the webinar here


Thank you all for today - v inspiring.

Thank you. Really good session.

Thank you for the session - very informative, and I look forward to receiving further details.

Thank you to all the speakers , appreciated hearing your experience - thank you for sharing. Have a good weekend

Thanks for a great session

Thanks for an informative session
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Thanks for a really informative session.

Thank you, this was a very good session giving brilliant insight of the benefits RITA can give

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Excited for roll-out in Sth Yorks

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