Paramedics use RITA to enhance patient journeys to hospital

12th Jul 2023

It is well documented that complex service users who are admitted into hospital (electively or non-electively), arrive very anxious and distressed. In many cases they can be aggressive and non-compliant, which can frequently lead to unwarranted admissions, particularly from A&E. 

Welsh Ambulance Service have been using RITA to significantly enhance the experience of patients during their journeys to hospital. Some recent feedback has described how valuable RITA is for supporting children who are scared and non compliant. This scenario documented below is shared by a paramedic who used RITA to support a scared child on their way to hospital.

What was the reason for using RITA?

As distraction and to enable interaction with a scared child with a serious medical condition. He was difficult to assess due to being very flat and non-verbal. His mother told me her son was very into his football, so I brought up the football game and challenged him to a goal scoring competition. He immediately brightened up, enabling me to gain his trust and meant we were able to carry out a far more detailed assessment. It also distracted him through the journey, including from the vehicle sirens and lights. As a result, we were able to provide a far more accurate assessment and background to the receiving hospital, improving his outlook and care from immediate arrival. And he said he will always remember beating me at football!

What content did you use in RITA?


How did RITA help in this situation?

Interaction, trust and distraction.

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