Our very own Mike Hamilton talks to Lori La Bey on Alzheimer's Speaks radio in the United States

5th Aug 2021

Mike talks to Lori La Bey about the history and background to My Improvement Network and everything RITA!

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio is about "Sound Information, Not Sound Bites." We are true talk radio with a mission to raise all voices around the world - big and small. From, a person diagnosed with a form of dementia or MCI, to family and friends, care partners, authors, researchers, support services, education, entertainment, advocacy work, to technology platforms, devices and support; all voices are welcome to have an interesting and respectful conversation with our host Lori La Bey. Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio launched in 2011, and believe it is the first radio show in the world dedicated to dementia.

Click on the image below to view the show on YouTube:

080521 ASR Graphic Michael Hamilton RITA program