A very special nurse & much valued member of the RITA community needs our help!

13th Feb 2023

We have just heard the very sad news that Katie Pritchard, who most of you will recognise from our videos showcasing her use of RITA at Imperial College Healthcare is very poorly with Cancer and she and her beautiful family need our help. As a reminder of the type of person Katie is, the video she kindly agreed to film for us a few years ago is below. What comes through more than anything is just how much she cares for her patients and how much she is an inspiration for the nursing community. 

We have had communication with friends and family who have stated that they are happy for us to share this across our network because they need all the help they can get. Please donate something if you can and please share across your own networks.

The gofund page is here:

Here is the message from Katie's family and friends:

Our little legend Katie P needs our help. Back in Feb 22 Katie, at the age of 36 was diagnosed with cervical cancer, after waiting 3 months for treatment the cancer had inevitably spread to lymph nodes. The summer was such a battle for her, intense radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy made her very sick and weak. She got through it and was back playing rugby in no time, and had an amazing summer with her Boys and Tom.

We all had hoped that 2023 would be a turning point where we could say goodbye to stupid cancer. Tragically, it was quite the opposite. The cancer has now spread to her lungs, bones and pelvis. She has started palliative treatment on the NHS which is devastating. However, there is hope. There is a Trial drug which Katie will need to pay privately for. £6k every 3 weeks. It’s a huge amount of money but we know we can do it if we all pull together. Please help and give Katie the best chance to spend more time with her incredible family and friends. Thank you for all your support at this horrific time.