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Harplands Hospital - Applications of digital reminiscence therapy


Introducing RITA to Gerard

Gerard took part in five RITA sessions in a quiet area of the ward where he could concentrate, be comfortable and away from distractions/noises.

Initially Gerard sat in front of RITA with staff at his right-hand side. He was reluctant to touch the screen (Staff imagined Gerard may think it was simply a TV screen)

Staff created personal profile and password unique only to him. This meant that his work/ progress was being captured and staff could refer back to previous sessions to:

  • Assess memory
  • Length of time using RITA
  • Artwork, Reminiscence - Access progress - enjoyment factor

Gerard’s wife said I know Gerard felt accepted, safe and genuinely cared for on ward 6 and with RITA (and Steve’s) encouragement I could see his confidence and speech returning……. Thank you”

Staff at Harplands Hospital provide an insight in to how they used RITA's reminiscence and activity content to positively engage with a patient and gave him a voice again!
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